Andre P. Siregar

CTO and Tech Enthusiast


Hi there!I'm Andre and I live in Singapore with my wife and our mackerel tabby cat. When I'm not in front of a Mac computer, I'm probably traveling, reading non-fiction books, listening to a podcast, or making coffee.

Work and Passion Projects

I've been working in technology since the late 90s, mostly in the financial services industry. I'm passionate about building technology solutions to help businesses promote prosperity for everyone while also protecting the planet.Currently, I'm involved with the following organizations in various roles:

  • Co-Founder and CTO at KashLab (deep-tier supply chain financing)

  • Board Member and mentor at MentorsHub (social mentorship initiative for young adults in Singapore)

  • Technology advisor at E-Komoditi (technology and sustainability for palm oil and other agri-commodities)


Feel free to say hi to me at the following platforms.